Monday, April 30, 2012

Light Painting

While at the beach I decided to try Light Painting. I needed some help from Graham and while I set the camera up with a long shutter speed of around 5 seconds he shone the torch on the front areas of rock. I will show a normal photo taken after sunset as it got dark and then one with Graham painting the rocks with light for me. I was really amazed at the effect but I do need to learn more to make the shot better. As the shutter is open for so long, anything that moves is blurry. Anyway I just wanted to show you my experiments. 

have a great week,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunset at the Beach

hello again, Last Wednesday evening we went to the beach at sunset to take some photos. I thought I would show you one today. I did take about 250 photos but due to still not quite knowing the best settings most of them aren't that good. Anyway this is one of some boats as the sun is setting.

I will be back with more soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Picture For You......

Hi there,
Welcome to my new blog. I have recently got a Canon DSLR camera and love taking photos of just about anything. I decided to start this blog so I can show my photos and family life separate from my cardmaking blog.
Recently I went to visit my family on the farm in Manjimup. There are now 4 generations of Winfield men living on the farm. We decided to get a photo of them all planting a new Avocado tree as the farm is now mainly an avocado plantation. My dad is 79, brother Tom is 49, his son Joel is 25 and little Eli is 3 months old. 
I'm only learning about photography so have a long way to go to be good, but enjoy it so much that I will get lots of practice.

I then decided to do a hands shot of the 4 generations and finished in black and white.

Thank you for checking out my new blog.