Thursday, May 31, 2012

Muppet..... all looking pretty

Hi there,
Yesterday I took my dog Skye with her little friend Muppet to get groomed. I took a few photos of them when she got back. Muppet is so cute and except for short legs she looked much the same as Skye. Skye wouldn't play nice and have a photo with her but we got one of their heads together and I have photo shopped one of each next to each other. Muppet is my friend Julia's little dog.


Skye and Muppet

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Another photo of Eli

This is a photo that I have attempted to alter in Photshop. I have so much to learn but thought I would put it up anyway.

Beautiful Baby

hi there, 
In April while I was down in Manjimup for a visit I took some photos of my gorgeous little great nephew Eli. I had edited them and forgot to show them, so here are some of the photos I took. He was so good as he lay on his change table and even at 3 months held his head up for so long. I cant wait to go down for another visit and take some  more photos. I didn't have the lighting right and a high ISO so the photos are grainy but he still looks great.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Playing with Photos.

hi there,
yesterday I went into the city while Emily was at a concert and just took photos of whatever I felt like. It wasn't the best day for taking photos as it rained and was cloudy but I still had fun. One of the photos of a duck on the pond was a little out of focus so I played with it a little in photoshop. this is the result.

I love the colours. Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fishing off Rockingham

hi there,
yesterday Graham and I went fishing off Rockingham for his last day of holidays. What a beautiful day we had. I wanted to be at the water by sunrise so we got up at 5.30AM. We caught some nice sized fish and I managed to take a few photos of the seagull that was hanging around hoping to pinch some of our bait. In the end I got Graham to throw some bait out so he would fly for me instead of just sitting on the water. Anyway here are some of the photos I took.

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have a great weekend