Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Picture For You......

Hi there,
Welcome to my new blog. I have recently got a Canon DSLR camera and love taking photos of just about anything. I decided to start this blog so I can show my photos and family life separate from my cardmaking blog.
Recently I went to visit my family on the farm in Manjimup. There are now 4 generations of Winfield men living on the farm. We decided to get a photo of them all planting a new Avocado tree as the farm is now mainly an avocado plantation. My dad is 79, brother Tom is 49, his son Joel is 25 and little Eli is 3 months old. 
I'm only learning about photography so have a long way to go to be good, but enjoy it so much that I will get lots of practice.

I then decided to do a hands shot of the 4 generations and finished in black and white.

Thank you for checking out my new blog. 

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  1. Congrats on this new blog Andrea. I love photography. The pic of the 4 hands is so v v endearing and a treasured memory forever. I look fwd to coming back every so often.


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